Free Aldi Gift Card
Free £20 Aldi Gift Card

In light of the prevailing challenges faced during these arduous times, Joe has taken the initiative of providing complimentary £20 Aldi UK gift cards to members of the local community who are grappling with financial constraints and have dependents, such as children and elderly individuals, in need of assistance.

The gift cards are applicable exclusively for the purchase of food and accessories at any Aldi UK supermarket, and their usage is explicitly restricted from extending to lottery tickets, scratchcards, cigarettes, alcohol, or any related commodities.

Witnessing individuals who are mothers, elderly, or those that are experiencing genuine vulnerability and hardships evokes a sense of distress and aversion. Joe is passionate about providing assistance whenever feasible. The financial resources for this undertaking are solely provided by Joe, independently of any institutional support from the church.

May the divine blessings be bestowed upon each and every one of you — Rev Joe Ellis

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