I made the right decision to quit school in 1977 to join the British Army infantry, and I have no regrets about it. My sole regret is that I did not enrol in the Royal Army's Chaplain's Division. With hindsight, I would have appreciated it more.

—Rev Joe Ellis
The Reverend Joe Ellis
The Reverend Joe Ellis, born in Bethnal Green in East London on December 26, 1960, was baptised as a Roman Catholic soon after his birth.

Janet, Joe’s mother, is now 84 years old and adheres to the Roman Catholic faith. Both Joe and Janet routinely attended church and had similar religious convictions.

Joe has had a challenging childhood. Throughout his entire youth, he lived in solitude and endured consistent and intense physical, emotional, and psychological mistreatment from bullies and, sometimes, his own father. This mistreatment persisted until he completed his education.

Joe received a formal diagnosis of autism in 2008, which may account for his peculiar conduct and idiosyncrasies. Autism has been a lifelong issue for him, particularly as he ages, but he manages it well. In addition to his autism, he has additional limitations, which he adeptly conceals, particularly in public.

Joe largely relies on his wife, Dr. Sandra Beale-Ellis, (as pictured below) for assistance. Sandra, who received a clinical diagnosis of autism as an adult, is a champion for autism. She has published two books on the issue. Joe often mentions that he does well in life with the constant support of a full-time doctor at home.

Joe has accumulated 45 years of experience in the field of karate and has served as the chairman of three national governing bodies. He now serves as the chief executive, part time, of the NAKMAS National Governing Body, a position he has just taken up after stepping down as the NAKMAS National Chair, a voluntary role he has held since January 1992. Additionally, he holds the rank of 8th Dan and is recognised as a Grandmaster in the art.

He actively participated in Freemasonry for an extended period, serving as the Master of his lodge (Sharpers Hall 9196) and also holding the position of secretary in a specialised charity lodge called The Millennium Lodge of Charity in East Kent (9730). He was particularly drawn to the philanthropic aspect of freemasonry, particularly after his involvement in the Boys Brigade during the 1960s, where he won the annual charity trophy for three consecutive years by raising the highest amount of money. This remarkable accomplishment as a young child naturally motivated him to join freemasonry, as it strongly emphasises charitable endeavours.

In 2013, Joe served as the Master of his Masonic lodge. After taking a break from studying masonic ritual, he dedicated a significant amount of time to studying theology. In 2020, Joe was ordained and assumed the responsibilities of a priest, carrying out clerical duties in East Sussex. He derives great satisfaction from serving as a clergyman within the community and assisting those who are most vulnerable. Joe is renowned for his inclusive approach in engaging with everyone throughout the community. He really appreciates this facet of Christian service, and people thoroughly enjoy their interactions with him.

Joe, who is of the age of 63, has been dealing with his wife Sandra's severe illness for the past eighteen months, during which she has spent time in critical care. She continues to need extensive medical treatment in Kent and London. In addition, Joe's mother's health has deteriorated in recent years, but she remains completely self-sufficient. Joe consistently provides her with his unwavering love and support.

One of his most cherished biblical lines is: 'Our faith can move mountains'. With Joe's presence, it is definitely achievable!

—Libby Ellison, PA, to the Reverend Joe Ellis

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