Hidden Disabilities
I possess multiple concealed disabilities, and autism is among them. In 2008, Dr. Linda Buchan, Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Sheffield, clinically diagnosed me with the neurological condition.

As I age, autism has become the most difficult condition I face. However, I manage it effectively thanks to the unwavering support of my wife, Dr. Sandra Beale-Ellis. Sandra is also autistic, an advocate for autism, and has authored two books on the topic. I believe I would feel like a confused character if I didn't have Sandra's complete support.
Autism Poem
A special friend emailed this poem to me about my autism and two days later he died in an hospice.

Joe’s Autism

Joe, my beloved friend,

Caring, loyal till the very end.

With him life is never dull,

He has a wit that's sharp and full.

He sees the world in a different way,

His autism makes it so every day.

But that is not a cause for despair,

For he has a different kind of flair.

Joe's quirks make him who he is,

And though not every social cue he gets,

He has a heart of purest gold,

Loyal to a fault and always bold.

Many think autism is a curse,

But with Joe life is never worse.

For everything that makes him unique,

Makes him a friend anyone would like to seek.

So cheers to Joe and his autism,

A different perspective for us to listen.

For in his difference we can see,

A world that could be brighter for you and me.

Autism Card
After I presented my medical diagnosis of autism, the Kent Autistic Trust provided me with an autism card.

Sometimes, the card proves to be beneficial.